Pinipa makes it easy to manage initiatives across teams & locations, pulling updates from existing tools and sharing progress with your stakeholders.


Some examples of how customers are getting value from Pinipa:

Digital transformation

Provide a single view of progress across all the moving parts. Each team can continue to use their favourite tools and have the updates sync automatically with Pinipa.

“Pinipa is helping us work far more collaboratively, whilst building our digital capability as part of us becoming a Connected Staffordshire”

Agile programme management

Create a single place for people to find the information they need, with important updates automatically shared to your calendar and email inbox.


“We needed to keep all of our internal and external stakeholders up to date on the constantly changing agenda. Pinipa gave us a single platform to manage everything.”

Operating model transition

Capture ideas to help shape your plan and determine priorities for improvements. Keep people up to date on progress and capture feedback in real time across business units and geographies.


“Pinipa created an ongoing conversation, making what the project team were doing more transparent”

Innovation Hub

Being innovative requires effective execution. Fast track delivery while maintaining appropriate governance and decision making. Keep your ecosystem up to date on progress with no extra effort.


“Pinipa is helping us keep our clinical entrepreneurs connected to learn from each other, and provides a way to measure the outcomes achieved through the programme”

Client collaboration

Creating better visibility of the process with clients enables a far more collaborative working relationship. Remove the finger pointing and drastically improve client satisfaction.

“Pinipa gives us a way to communicate and collaborate that underpins the internal behaviour change agenda using less resource”

Process Improvement

Capture ideas to find process improvements that will make a big impact quickly. Give customer facing people an opportunity to get actively involved throughout to achieve far greater results.

PTS Consulting worked with a top UK university technology department to collaboratively improve service delivery using Pinipa.