Make an impact.

Project Management across workstreams, designed for non-project managers

Create templates for your methodologies or repeatable processes
Automatic reminders and progress updates
Manage dependencies across workstreams
Real time status reports exportable to PPT, Excel and PDF
Sync important dates to your calendar

Proactively engage stakeholders with targeted communications

Beautifully designed announcements sent via email
Capture discussions with stakeholders, including replies from email
Progress updates via email on workstreams relevant to you
Capture ideas to help shape your plan
Track email opens and click throughs

Measure effectiveness with real time engagement analytics and status reporting

Monitor number of email opens for discussions and announcements
Measure engagement levels across stakeholder groups
Monitor activity across workstreams to drive engagement
Real time status reports, exportable to ppt, excel and pdf

Integrate with existing tools

Integrate with your existing tools, including portfolio project management, collaboration, product management and productivity tools.

Over 300 applications already available including a real time sync with MS Excel and Google Sheets.

Custom integrations are available with enterprise licences.

Security to suit you.


Private cloud


For more information, see our security FAQs.

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