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0 – 5 users
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6 – 50 users
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51 – 200 users
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201 – 500 users
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Additional benefits with an Enterprise plan


Pre-populate processes/ methodologies
Faster deployment
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MS Project

Customised Security

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Dedicated customer support
Customised training
Priority escalation

Why Pinipa

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Questions and Answers

How do I start using Pinipa?

Create your organisation here. Click on the confirmation email to create your profile and start your initiative. If you have problems or questions contact us.

What support can I get?

All users get access to our support portal for setup and deployment guides. Implementation support and training is available. For help, contact us.

I love Pinipa, how do I buy it?

Pinipa is free for the first 5 users per initiative. When you are ready to invite more people, you can upgrade using a credit card. If you prefer to receive invoices, please contact us.

What happens when my initiative finishes?

You can reduce the number of users to a free plan, reduce your licence to read only access and/ or export all data in CSV format.

Is my data secure?

Pinipa maintains the highest standards of security to ensure your data integrity. Please refer to our Security FAQ for more information.

I have special technical and procurement questions.

We’re here to help.  Simply contact us to organise a call or video conference.

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