Digitise service delivery, collaboratively. 

What was the challenge/ situation?

Throughout 2016, Southampton City Council and Capita delivered an ambitious and fast-paced digital transformation programme.  Combining behavioural change – of residents and staff – with the latest technology, the programme has improved the customer experience for residents and businesses whilst reducing the Council’s costs.

This involved mobilising a team of some 70 people and engaging with all parts of the Council.  With such a wide network and tight timescales, we looked for a tool that would work alongside traditional methods to enable us to engage with the organisation and maintain a conversation around the programme.

Why Pinipa?

We needed a digital tool for the digital programme; something that could engage a wide stakeholder group whilst also embodying the spirit of digital – creating an effortless experience by disrupting the ‘usual’ way of doing things.  Pinipa gives us a way to communicate and collaborate that underpins the internal behaviour change agenda whilst at the same time using less resource than a traditional communications and engagement team

The tool is very intuitive and easy to implement and required little or no user training which meant the pace of the programme wasn’t compromised.

What was the experience/results?

Pinipa has given us a capability we otherwise wouldn’t have had.

  • We have over 120 contributors
  • All stakeholders have been constantly updated on progress, shared ideas, helped obtain feedback and generally keep the conversation on digital going.
  • Project teams have had visibility of what is changing and why – and feel that if they have fed back, they have been heard.

Capita is an international business process outsourcing and professional services company headquartered in London. They work with their clients to transform the way their organisation works with a focus on clear, tangible and quantifiable outcomes.

Peter Reynolds, Programme Director

“Our client’s project had to succeed and be seen to succeed. We kept everyone up to date using Pinipa, including the very top executives, demonstrating progress to increase their confidence”

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