Our story.

Why Pinipa

Managing business change is one of the most difficult and critical activities of an organisation today.

Many leaders make or break their career on the ability to harness the energy of people across multiple functions or locations to work differently or deliver a new strategy.

Many of the techniques used to do this are simply not designed for the complexity of organisations today, with teams distributed across functions and locations, and rely heavily on manual work from expensive resources.

Pinipa aims to bridge the gap between project management – which is designed for the project team only – and achieving the business outcomes needed.

From our founder

“In 2009, as a consultant, I worked with some of the top Executives of RBS, who were still trying to work out whether they would be sent to jail.

We needed to make a fundamental shift in the culture of the bank, but the tools available were completely inadequate. We sent emails, we used spreadsheets to track everything and we had some very pretty powerpoint slides. It was like trying to save the titanic with a bucket.

We developed Pinipa to help gain visibility, to share progress and decisions across workstreams, and drive a fundamental shift in how people work.”


Faith Forster

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