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The way strategic initiatives should be.

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For project leaders working across teams & locations, Pinipa helps you deliver better outcomes & happy stakeholders with less effort.

Project management across workstreams designed for non-project managers

Let Pinipa do the hard work for you, so everyone knows what they need to do and where things are up to.

Proactively engage stakeholders with targeted communications

Automatically share beautiful email updates with stakeholders on the things they want to know.

Measure effectiveness with real time engagement analytics and status reporting

Use data to help you can make better decisions and ultimately deliver outstanding results.

Integrate with existing tools

Custom integrations available with enterprise licences

Why Pinipa

Deliver up to 3x faster

Engage 10x stakeholders

Reduce project resources

Very happy clients!

Our client’s project had to succeed and be seen to succeed. We kept everyone up to date using Pinipa, including the very top executives, demonstrating progress to increase their confidence

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